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The following summaries are a testament to the level of respect they have in the industry.


I wanted to thank you and acknowledge your support during the topic. I enjoyed your lectures and teaching style and greatly appreciated your chosen examples to highlight key points ... credit to you for encouraging and supporting student participation in a non-confrontational way. I will have good memories of this topic.

HL, Master of Project Management

Again, thank you for your teaching during this course, your experience and insights into the wider corporate world and how the people within those worlds function has been very useful and the core content of the course has also had a significant impact on my management approach

FG, Diploma of Project Management

As an Operations Manager in a previous role, I thought that this course would be relatively easy and straightforward for me and that the content would be nothing new. However, the reality is that with each passing week my views were challenged and my eyes opened. In fact; the timing of the weekly webinars was rather inconvenient for me but I always found a way to try and tune in; and came to enjoy our weekly discussions. In time, I began to realise that although I once had a title of Operations Manager, I was merely performing the same tasks repeatedly, without strategy and certainly without any alignment to a business plan. For me; MOI was an epiphany. Operational Management is everywhere and it is all around us and I intend to sit down with our Managing Director and show him some areas where we can introduce some of our learnings.

IC, Master of Business Administration

The professional delivery geared the training towards understanding the lessons and then transforming them into reality. My Project Management Office has now benefitted from my learning, having incorporated a central project database, utilising project/program levelling of resources and costs, I am also looking towards integrating new strategies going forward. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be exposed to your life experiences and learn and value all that you have shown me, given me and prepared me for going forward.

JT, Advanced Diploma of Project Management

Your wealth of experience, personable and helpful nature made the experience a much more pleasurable one which kept most students engaged in class and willing to participate during the process

FR, Certificate IV in Building & Construction

Thank-you so much for the comments made on my assignment. This is the best feedback I have received from any of my past essays/lecturers. I haven't received it in that format before and appreciate the time you have taken to mark it.

SK, Advanced Diploma of Policing

I have appreciated your support, guidance and wisdom during the project. Your talents, methods in lecturing practices and your strong understanding of the subject materials made my learning experience pleasurable and effective. I have definitely gained a stronger understanding of Project Management principles but not only that, I feel that I have met a guy who is approachable and supportive and interested in my own intellectual growth.

Although the course was pretty heavy going at times, the humour that you often injected made the learning journey a little less tiresome. I understand that although it was tough, it was probably intended to be that way. At the end I know, I have worked hard for the privilege of gaining this Diploma.

DG, Diploma of Project Management, Action Learning

I really enjoyed studying with you. It was really great to go through the investigating progress with you. You showed us in a very interesting way and well-organised structure. I actually learnt a lot from you over the year. Once again, I appreciate your time and effort for my study and especially thank you for your generous understanding of my individual situation.

YK, Certificate IV in Government (Investigation)

I'd like to thank you for your guidance over the two modules you taught me. The coursework and assessments gave me the impetus to reflect more deeply on my practice, as well as helping me to recognise a lot of the relevant skills I had already acquired. As a result I feel more confident and capable in my role.

RF, Diploma of Leadership & Management

It was great to meet with you last week for the Train the Trainer Course in which I thoroughly enjoyed and feel have had the opportunity to gather a wealth of information to apply back at work, so thanks again.

JS, Train the Trainer

The skills that I developed assisted me in researching and analysing data to inform the project plan. As part of the planning of the scenarios we have developed extensive Communications plans, meetings, meeting registers and forums/presentations etc as part of the consultation process that is required as part of the Government sector. The tools and training you provided assisted in my skills to develop and understand the requirements. I was able to utilise the resources provided during the training for this purpose and your instruction was pivotal to the execution of the resources.

The course content and your delivery of the subject matter, provided a sound understanding and application of the Government sector requirements around Code of Conduct, Diversity Policy and Governance requirements across a broad selection of Government Departments. You demonstrated a very diverse range of knowledge from both the Government and Private sectors and the changing industry and implications due to climate change issues was reflected in his sound understanding of the market and forward thinking demonstrated in the delivery of the course.

JM, Diploma of Project Management, Action Learning


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