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Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) has significantly grown in importance and influence within the last decade. Large organisations and businesses are becoming increasingly aware of how vital effective HR management is to the success and sustainability of the business. Today's HR professional needs to be a business partner to enable them to influence and shape every aspect of the organisations culture, its retention and recruitment strategies, the processes and procedures to achieve quality outcomes for the customer, stakeholders and the staff within the business.

SCoPe offers a range of Nationally Accredited Qualifications for people involved in (or aspiring to step into) the Human Resource profession. We have access to qualifications through our industry partnerships which enable individuals and organisations to gain formal qualifications whilst exploring best practice HR approaches.

BSB41015: Certificate IV in Human Resources

The Certificate IV in Human Resources is a qualification with skills sets that are portable to all industries and organisations. This qualification reflects the role of individuals who work in a range of support positions in human resources management. In smaller companies they may work across all human resources functional areas and in larger companies they may be assigned responsibilities in units or business areas focused on discrete human resources functions, such as remuneration, workforce planning or human resources information systems

BSB50615: Diploma of Human Resource Management

The Diploma of Human Resource Management is a qualification which reflects the role of individuals who have a sound theoretical knowledge base in human resources management and demonstrate a range of managerial skills to ensure that human resources functions are effectively conducted in an organisation or business area. Typically they would have responsibility for the work of other staff.

BSB60915: Advanced Diploma of Management (Human Resources)

The Advanced Diploma of Management (Human Resources) is a qualification which reflects the role of individuals who provide leadership and strategic direction in the human resources activities of an organisation. They analyse, design and execute judgements using wide-ranging technical, creative, conceptual or managerial competencies. Their knowledge base may be highly specialised or broad within the human resources field. These individuals are often accountable for group outcomes and for the overall performance of the human resources function of an organisation.


Sessions are limited to 12 participants and are scheduled according to demand.

Note: These qualifications can also be delivered within organisations and customised to your requirements.

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These Qualifications are currently being delivered through training and RPL in conjunction with our industry partners including; Churchill Education RTO #31430


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