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About SCoPe

Sustainability Community of Practice and Education (SCoPe) was launched in 2013 and operated under the auspices of UNESCO-APNIEVE up until July 2016 when it became a private organisation. Its purpose is to partner with education, community, industry and government to develop sustainable skills sets and promote sustainable and innovative initiatives.

SCoPe is a private 'profit for purpose' organisation funded through its networks and sustainable community partners. It facilitates workshops, programs and courses through these partnerships in a variety of areas including: personal development; leadership; management; human resourcing; marketing; project management; training; work health and safety and in several other disciplines with national accredited qualifications through associated industry partners.

It is committed to promoting innovative sustainable initiatives and best practice. SCoPe's Sustainable Skills Transition and Development Centre provides access to a range of workshops, programs and courses. Its profits are recycled into its commitment to developing the skills for individuals, businesses and communities to transition to a more sustainable future.

Our focus is: embedding Education for Sustainability into the learning environment; promoting innovative thinking; and developing a mindset which supports corporate social responsibility.


Integrity - Maintaining our professionalism under pressure

Diversity - Expanding our expertise and core business scope

Equitability - Building and fostering 'Win Win Win' relationships

Accountability - Taking responsibility for our actions and quality of work

Legality - Abiding by all required legal obligations

Sustainability - Stepping lightly on our natural and social environment


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